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Angela Cappi interviewed on Maglifico


The famous webmagazine Maglifico in its day-dreamer and playful trip through made in Italy knitwear, stopped over Angela Cappi’s studio and paid tribute with a full page interview.

Here Angela Cappi talks about herself, her history and her work, the world of fashion and the newest trends, focusing on the Knit Point trend book. Even this time, indeed, it’s Knit Point that draws attention, with its originality and its heavy mass of trends, colors, yarns, moods, techniques and the broad exposition of models and samples.

Maglifico proves again to be a useful groundwork to discover creativity, technological innovation and interesting features of a branch, the knitwear, that’s becoming more and more important in fashion nowadays.

This interview speaks to the market with a language that’s not solely technical, since the landscape of this kind of magazines is usually about collections, but it also gives shape and consistency to ideas and strenghs of designers ready to be discovered on a large scale.

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